23 august 2022
Let's have fun with educational robot programming! Here's a little article on Mio Robo3 programming.

30 november 2020
What about importing wikipedia locally, with a Raspberry Pi 4? Let's have fun for many months!

06 may 2017
Multiple pages created in the past months, about system administration in particular: dmcrypt on debian stretch and the use of SASL in recent postfix installs. The prime number database is back on-line too.

18 september 2009
Creating a new interactive page on wireless electricity, based on resonant magnetic coupling, following Nikola Tesla's works. The goal is to share information for better understanding of this technology and to replicate it easily.

17 september 2009
New dynamic website, allowing comments on articles. Each article thus has its own page now.

02 december 2008
In the hardware section, I added pictures of SATA cable internals, when making this very short cable for mini-itx systems.

24 november 2008
New article on OpenBSD's softraid crypto target, which allows creating encrypted partitions. I tried to get a full hard disk encryption with it for the system, but OpenBSD is currently not able to boot on these devices. Check it out.

26 october 2008
Updated VIA PadLock on Linux section with last news on debian packages status, other implementations of disk encryption, and some new interesting links.

08 january 2008
Updating a BIOS using a USB drive and FreeDOS with linux tutorial/howto. You won't need microsoft softwares, nor optical drives. See software section.

04 january 2008
Building a case for a mini-itx system. Pictures are online. See hardware section. Changing loop-aes/LVM/padlock tutorial to use initramfs instead of initrd for the boot usb key. See Linux section.

18 december 2007
Began to write a tutorial/howto on installing LVM on loop-aes on a Via C7 processor with a padlock hardware cryptographic engine handling. See Linux section.

11 december 2007
This new website is a try to gather useful information on my projects in sections, and also a CSS try.

I used to do classical HTML webpages, you can still find the old one here if you don't like CSS or if you browser does not support it.

Contact me: vinvin@ this host