A homemade 3D scanner

Project stalled, 12/2004.

view of the scanner duck of plots
A 3D scanner computes space points which represents a real object in three dimensions. Professional scanners restitute with precision the shape and textures (colors) of an object, using white light and high quality optics; what is done here is not complicated so far and especially not so expensive ! A real scanner costs at least $30,000, this one less than $50.


So, what is needed to build a cheap 3D scanner ?
More pictures: laser diode in action, laser with its cone used to reduce light diffusion, view of all the scanner with the duck on it.


I developped my own software which drives the stepper motor, grabs image from the camera and extracts the points. Here is a screen shot of the first version with one camera. The image on the top is a screenshot of the full points created from the little duck.
Since I'm still workind on it, I don't give the software, it would not be easy to use nor to read. I will probably release working versions in future.

You might take a look at COPOS (french only) and CGAL projects.


For the moment, all results I have are the plot image of the duck in the top of this page.
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